Stringing Beads
Here are my beads and yarn. One method of threading the beads onto the yarn is individually, using the threader provided with the bead pak.
This is a faster way. First, tie a knot at the bottom of the strand so the beads don't slide off the back end. Then tie the bead string to the end of the yarn, using only one knot. Slide the beads from the string to the yarn. Some holes will be too small to go over the knot. Separate the string from the yarn and remove the bead with the too small hole. You will be able to use it for the fringe.
Here is my yarn with all the beads strung on. When you start to knit, let out a lot of yarn, slide all the beads toward the ball, and just retain a few close to your work. Every time you've used up all the yarn you've let out, you must let out more and slide all the beads down again. Before you put your yarn away, be sure to wind the beaded length around the ball to prevent knots. This is particularly important if you have had to frog your knitting and the yarn is kinked.


Finished fringes next to unblocked scarf. The scarf looks lumpy and uneven. (see the hints in the pattern for  improvising your own blocking wires and cloth)

Spreading the scarf out and pinning with blocking wires opens up the lace and creates even edges. You can place the steam iron directly onto the knit without fear of harm to fiber or beads. Be sure to let cool completely before removing pins and wires.

last updated: August 3, 2006
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